Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Living in a Dream

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Have you ever had a dream where the world you live in is exactly how you pictured it in your mind? A dream where you have everything you want in life? Maybe some of you already had. But for those who have not experienced it yet – having known that it is possible, you might be very excited by now, jumping right at your bed, and trying to dream about the perfect world you so long to be in.

That might be ideal, right?

If we could manipulate our dreams and control what will occur in them, I'm sure everyone will comply with or even surpass the healthy 8-hour sleep rule.

However, since it is not possible, how do you escape from reality to your fantasy world? By daydreaming, right? You go about a certain task while your mind wanders to a setting you persistently dream of.

Not bad, if you could do both things effectively at the same time. You know, going about the task perfectly while coming out of a dream, and then producing something that was as if you had focused on it all throughout. But it could be a disaster if you couldn't. Mishap or faulty output awaits the job at hand.

Anyway, isn’t it just normal? Surely, everyone daydreams.

So, how about if you came to a point where you’re so full of your reverie, you lost track of reality. It is where you totally abandoned going about your task – or even your life as a whole – to go and live in your world of make believe.

I don't know if that what makes you a crazy person. I'm not an expert. I don't even know how to tell if a person is crazy or not. All I know is, according to our contemporary society, if you go against the norms upheld by the majority, you could be crazy. But as long as you're harmless and laughs when everyone else is laughing, then cry when others likewise do, you can stay out of an asylum.

As for you, snapping in and out of your world is like a second nature. You answer logically to questions, and can still be talked with properly. It’s just that, you don’t have the gumption to beat the odds and make your dreams come true; nor you forget about it. Thus, you build your own world. And in that world, you have everything you want in life.

You "consciously" live a full life in your dreams and go about your real life in mediocre. For you, it doesn't matter. Since in your mind, you have everything.