Friday, October 17, 2014

On Turning 25

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So I just turned 25 last month. When I was younger, I've been hearing from other people who have reached my age now that they’re going through a quarter-life crisis. At the time I don’t know what that is. All I saw is that people are in pain. They are pressured to becoming someone who they are not yet given their age. So when my turn to become 25 finally came, my thoughts flew back into the days when I witnessed people who went through a quarter-life crisis. And I wonder, will I experience that myself? Will I also be pressured about not becoming someone other people will look up to?

However, during my birthday, I didn't notice any difference at all. Except that I received birthday greetings and well wishes everywhere. I was happy for sure. Reading messages from the people who mattered most to me, and seeing how they teased me with their greetings was a day maker. But other than that it’s completely another typical day that will surely pass. And it did.

It’s October now. A month has passed since I turned 25. However, my thoughts and emotions didn't change a bit. Indeed, it was exactly the same as before. I didn't experience any nervous breakdown because I’m not as wealthy as Steve Jobs when he was my age nor am I depressed because I am not as famous as Taylor Swift. In fact, I don’t feel like 25 at all. Or 24, 23, or even 12 for that matter. I am who I am now. My age doesn't play an issue about being me. It’s just a number and for as long as I don’t feel any health issues that come with an old age, I don’t think my age will affect how I think about myself.

Each of us, I believe, has his own time in realizing our real purpose in life. So depending on how quick or slow were you able to find yours will you be able to work on it, thus achieve it. There are people who found success at the senile age of 66 like Colonel Sanders while there are others who have built great empires at their tender age like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. But hell if it matters. Just get on your track and keep working on what you believe is your purpose of being. Surely, you’ll struck your luck and nail down your dream in time. But if not, who cares, anyway as the saying goes, success is a journey, not a destination. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dear 20-Something Me

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You seem to be lost. What have you been doing with your life? Trying to figure out what you really wanted to do. Have you found it already? I hope so, because if not, you’ll just be a fag hag walking through a course of life not knowing where to go. That would be a very unlikely situation that you do want to miss, right? So you better decide now. And grab a firm hold on it, once you find it.

I know. I know. You’re sleep deprived, but I’m telling you, most of the people your age suffer the same, so I don’t think you’re in the position to complain. Now is the time you make the most of your waking life so enjoy it while it lasts. However, don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re having fun. Try to get some sleep. And avoid all unnecessary errands or gimmicks, especially during weekdays and Sunday nights. Don’t rely on coffee the next day just to be awake because you’re getting acidic already. Watch your health; you’ll thank me later for telling you now.

I can see that you’re happy with where you are now. That’s good news. Just please don’t change your mind again a few months after because you think you want another career path. Hang in there a little while and think a million times of your next plan before scheming to a new venture. You’re not getting any younger, so you might want to take life seriously.  

I’m expecting you’re going to argue that life is a playing field and that you may commit as many mistakes as possible, but you have to slow down a bit. Thinking that you’ll regret in your later life all the things that you didn't do now is a dangerous frame of mind. Some people say it’s healthy, yes; however, you need to understand the line between what you can do to affirm that you are living your life to the fullest and seeing life in a mature perspective.

Ok, I’ll stop nagging because, I’m sure, you’re rolling your eyes by now. Let me commend you from here. I’m happy that you’re happy. However stubborn you are, I know that you only did what you do to satiate and to mum the inner voice within you. I see nothing bad about that. Anyway, it’s your life. Who cares if you fail?  Not me, I’m confident that you’ll stand up again if ever you stumble, as you always do. Nor will you blame anyone if you fall because you know that you are your own child and that whatever happened to you, it’s on you.

You've had your share of pain and happiness. You got hurt. You fought. And let go when you need to. You find happiness on your own. And pursue your dreams. It requires a strong will to be able to come out as a whole despite what you've been through.

Always remember to believe in you. No matter what happens, don’t let yourself down. People will. Expect that. But don’t get tired of you. Just harvest all the wisdom along the way. And leave the pain that might make you bitter and lose your enthusiasm about life. As you've said, life is your playing field, so enjoy it!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Day I Climb a Mountain

Yes, I just had my first climb. It was very exhausting. Many times I gasped for breath. Then I had to drink water immediately to soothe my tired and dried throat. And here’s the thing, I sweat like hell. I’m not actually the sweaty type so I was amazed how the activity made me sloppy.

However, no matter how tiring, it was very engrossing at the same time. Walking between tall shrubs and trees. Stepping over some vines that slit my skin. Being bitten by ants which sting long enough for me to feel. And the dizzying narrow, high cliff that we have to walk on. It all forced me to be alert about my sorrounding. It led me to pay attention and kept my mind from wandering. That made the trip wonderful. I was able to free my head from imagining all sorts of things and give my full attention to what’s in front of me: the danger that awaits with one wrong step and of course, the breathtaking view.

I was there. I walked amidst the wilderness. I felt the mud on my feet and slid down. I held through the strong shrubs that kept me from falling down the cliff. I soaked into the cold water feeling relieved by its dampness. And saw the picturesque view from the top of the mountain. I was the one who went through all of it. I knew because the vivid picture of it still lingered in my mind.

The whole experience was very exhilarating. It freed me from all the thoughts that would otherwise bug me had it not been such a challenging trip. I was able to live in that moment. And that in itself was priceless. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

5 Reasons Why Having Cloud Based CRM App is Good for your Business

Cloud based CRM app has been in the limelight recently, coming in as one of the disruptive inventions of the new generation. And with how it consistently fares in terms of cost and ease of use, cloud based CRM app is seen as the gateway of every workplace to digitize its business process.  And why not, with this new technology, business offices need not hire any IT personnel or install complicated hardware or software —an internet enabled computer device will suffice to get in the cloud.

However, understanding the benefits of availing this cost-friendly application seems to evade many. So here, we will provide some reasons on why having cloud based CRM app can make your business process easier and more efficient.

1. It keeps all your contacts in one place—how many of you keep a storage box for all the business cards you collected? From suppliers, to consultants, colleagues (past and present), to clients or customers. The cloud can store all of them in one place. You may access and communicate with all your contacts—whether through chat, message, email or even phone call—in the cloud.

2. Enables team collaboration—files and documents that are saved in the cloud can be easily accessed on a computer device that has an internet connection. And, once someone from your team updates a file or document, it will be automatically altered. No need to download or upload a file again. Your team may also access the file at the same time; hence, you may update each other in real-time.

3. Manages end-to-end sales cycle—using the cloud, you can keep track of every lead captured and nurture each of them to make sure that they will be converted into a paying customer. You can also send quotations and invoices directly to your customers either via email or print—your choice. And, once you create a quotation or invoice, a template will be automatically saved, which you can send to your next customer—saving you a lot of time.

4. Helps speed up customer service's process—to ensure that you get ahold of all your customers concerns, cloud computing technology can help you keep an open line to receive inquiries and resolve issues fast. It also saves all the answered concerns that entered through your email or website, helping you build FAQs page that can be accessed by the customers who may encounter the same problem down the line.

5. Accessible on mobile— with the cloud based applications, you can work anytime, anywhere. It automatically syncs the updates you made from one device to another. You don’t have to wait to be back at your desk again to manage or receive updates about your tasks. This is very ideal, especially if you are someone on the go or if your team is working on different geographic locations.

Using cloud based CRM app as a platform for your business is a win-win solution. It will not only help you make your business process easier, but it will also hasten it. 8Force, a cloud based CRM app offers the abovementioned capabilities, and more! It has a 30-day trial period to know whether the technology fits your or not. If interested, you may contact Gerald Corteza through +63 905 5715932, email him via, or like 8ForcePH on Facebook.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Showing Off Our Downsides Make Us Human

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With the rise of social networking sites, people can now share their triumphs and losses among their friends and to those people they care about. However, the trend seems to favor only the triumphs rather than the losses. Actually, I think this has been going ever since. We- well, most of us- only want to show our better part. It is as if to appear that we remain untainted in spite of the licking that the universe does. We therefore share only about how successful we are, how contented we are about our career, how perfect our relationships, etc. Perhaps it is because we want to gain the favor of our friends and loved ones. And the idea is that, the more successful we are the more people will be fond of us.

But recently, I’ve had a realization. While I was talking to a high school friend, whom I am very fond of because among us, I can tell he’s the most successful, so far. He humanized himself in my eyes by admitting his shortcomings and frustrations. Prior to our talk, I felt like I was fond of him because I looked up to him. I even came to the point where I think I’m idolizing him (yeah, big word). Anyway, I based all of my perceptions from his FB photos and his posts, to his tweets. Did I mention that I was actually stalking him? (I guess, it’s obvious now). And every time we’re together, he’s always the one to say a lot about his whereabouts.

When he opened up his problems, part of me was trying to elicit reactions about knowing how he is just like me -- frustrated about almost everything and someone who thinks he has yet to realize his full potential. However, I haven’t found any. Well, nothing that would trigger me to belittle him and think that he was actually far from what I conceived. Indeed, it makes me want to look up to him even more. Because now, I can relate to him and that just like me, he’s going through some problems that he has to deal with every day. That makes me want to be with him further, knowing that we’re on the same stage of life. I think, that would even open up a whole new conversation (and better friendship) between us from hereon. Our talk that day wasn’t just about how successful he was but also, how we shared common flaws.

I realized that opening up your downsides to other people would not make them think that you’re short of being awesome. On the contrary, it would actually make them be fond of you even more, because by knowing your flaws, they feel much more connected with you. If what you’re really after is to be likeable and to gain affection, being honest about the state of your life would be ideal. By that, I mean sharing your triumphs and losses. So, if you’re the kind of person who thinks that showing off will make you favorable to those people around you. I’m’ telling you, you might be wrong.

As for my friend, he’ll always be someone I look up to, just more human. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Falling Short– the Only Thing You're Good At

You’ve done all you can, and therefore thought you’re ready for your dream job. You quit your old one, and pinned all hopes that this time, you’ll land the very role you’ve been aiming since you can remember– in a top, reputable company.

You’ve passed the initial interview, and were all hurrah as you received the notification on the text that told you of your next interview, but this time, with the head of the department where you wanted to be part of. 

You arrived on time. As questions were asked, you gamely answered in a smart and confident manner. At the end, you seemed to glean from the manager’s face a look of satisfaction. However, she told you to wait for another text from them to know whether you passed or not. Although disappointed and anxious by the prolonged verdict, you warmly shook her hands as she told you, “we’ll just text you”.

On your way home you were fervently praying – with the advent of even kneeling (never mind if you will look weird to all the people who could see you!) – that you may land the job.

Weeks have passed and you still haven’t heard from them.  You gathered all the strength that you can muster and texted the number that notifies the result. You cordially stated your name and the position you were applying for then inquired whether you made it or not. No reply.  You firmly wrapped your hands around your mobile phone – as if in a praying stance – hoping that it will sound off an incoming message.  You do not care anymore if it will be a good news or bad for as long as you get hold of the result.  You just wanted to end the agony of waiting, which you thought was the hardest part, since you were stuck in the middle of hoping and not hoping at the same time. You wanted to pass but, you don’t want to hope because you knew it would just hurt you, when you learned otherwise.

A little later, your phone beeped- you received a text. It was them saying, yes, you’ve passed. You cannot hide your joy. You felt like jumping in euphoria. However, it didn't end there. Indeed, after the line stating that you’ve passed, the line stating about your next interview came next. This time, it was with the managing director. And you’re like, “seriously, the managing director is going to interview me and check if I qualify for the position? It couldn’t be any harder, for sure”.

The fateful day where you’d face the managing director arrived. Again, you came in early. Your butt hasn’t warmed up your seat yet, when he texted that he’s going to run a bit late. You sighed, and replied saying, “sure, Sir.  Take your time”, and ended it with a smiley. You were happy to be given some time to prepare and compose yourself before facing him. Minutes have passed and you were already waiting for an hour but he hasn’t arrived yet. And you’re like: “My composing time staled; now I’m tired”.

When he finally came he was very apologetic for making you waited for too long. So, you were like, “Oh, Sir. Don’t mind it. It’s okay”. At the back of your mind, you wished he hadn’t arrived so soon, because you were not ready yet. As to when you’ll be ready, you didn’t know.

As he began asking questions, your heart started beating faster. Your voice became shaky. Your face – which was trying to project confidence – was betrayed by your shameful stutter. The managing director looked at you intently, which made you become intimated  all the more. It has caused you to falter all the way till the end of the interview. When he finished the interview, you were swearing in your mind. You’ve known you failed.

Your walk to the bus station was all blurry as tears gushed down your cheeks. Hope seemed to have abandoned you. Agony encompassed and ate you right down your very spine. You just lost your dream job! “What now?” You were thinking. You have nothing. No back-up plan. No whatsoever. You have clung to your hope so much; you have even forgotten to devise a contingency plan. You’re screwed up. An undefined sorrow started to swallow you. There’s nothing but tears around your eyes. Your cheeks are all damp. Your tears kept on rushing down all the way to your neck. To make the scene more melodramatic, you pulled out your earphones and put on an appropriate song, and then went your way as if you were the only person in the world. 

You thought you were ready. You thought you wouldn’t be intimidated. You studied every time you’ve had a chance. In fact, you even know the latest trends about the industry. But as you faced the man you’ve got to convince, you’ve lost your words. You went by your sentences unknown of its substance. You went around the bush– unable to convey the very core of your message. You ended up shaming yourself to the bigwig man who could’ve been your boss, if only you did better. But how can you.. when falling short seems to be the only thing you’re good at.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Living in a Dream

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Have you ever had a dream where the world you live in is exactly how you pictured it in your mind? A dream where you have everything you want in life? Maybe some of you already had. But for those who have not experienced it yet – having known that it is possible, you might be very excited by now, jumping right at your bed, and trying to dream about the perfect world you so long to be in.

That might be ideal, right?

If we could manipulate our dreams and control what will occur in them, I'm sure everyone will comply with or even surpass the healthy 8-hour sleep rule.

However, since it is not possible, how do you escape from reality to your fantasy world? By daydreaming, right? You go about a certain task while your mind wanders to a setting you persistently dream of.

Not bad, if you could do both things effectively at the same time. You know, going about the task perfectly while coming out of a dream, and then producing something that was as if you had focused on it all throughout. But it could be a disaster if you couldn't. Mishap or faulty output awaits the job at hand.

Anyway, isn’t it just normal? Surely, everyone daydreams.

So, how about if you came to a point where you’re so full of your reverie, you lost track of reality. It is where you totally abandoned going about your task – or even your life as a whole – to go and live in your world of make believe.

I don't know if that what makes you a crazy person. I'm not an expert. I don't even know how to tell if a person is crazy or not. All I know is, according to our contemporary society, if you go against the norms upheld by the majority, you could be crazy. But as long as you're harmless and laughs when everyone else is laughing, then cry when others likewise do, you can stay out of an asylum.

As for you, snapping in and out of your world is like a second nature. You answer logically to questions, and can still be talked with properly. It’s just that, you don’t have the gumption to beat the odds and make your dreams come true; nor you forget about it. Thus, you build your own world. And in that world, you have everything you want in life.

You "consciously" live a full life in your dreams and go about your real life in mediocre. For you, it doesn't matter. Since in your mind, you have everything.