Saturday, June 29, 2013

5 Reasons Why Having Cloud Based CRM App is Good for your Business

Cloud based CRM app has been in the limelight recently, coming in as one of the disruptive inventions of the new generation. And with how it consistently fares in terms of cost and ease of use, cloud based CRM app is seen as the gateway of every workplace to digitize its business process.  And why not, with this new technology, business offices need not hire any IT personnel or install complicated hardware or software —an internet enabled computer device will suffice to get in the cloud.

However, understanding the benefits of availing this cost-friendly application seems to evade many. So here, we will provide some reasons on why having cloud based CRM app can make your business process easier and more efficient.

1. It keeps all your contacts in one place—how many of you keep a storage box for all the business cards you collected? From suppliers, to consultants, colleagues (past and present), to clients or customers. The cloud can store all of them in one place. You may access and communicate with all your contacts—whether through chat, message, email or even phone call—in the cloud.

2. Enables team collaboration—files and documents that are saved in the cloud can be easily accessed on a computer device that has an internet connection. And, once someone from your team updates a file or document, it will be automatically altered. No need to download or upload a file again. Your team may also access the file at the same time; hence, you may update each other in real-time.

3. Manages end-to-end sales cycle—using the cloud, you can keep track of every lead captured and nurture each of them to make sure that they will be converted into a paying customer. You can also send quotations and invoices directly to your customers either via email or print—your choice. And, once you create a quotation or invoice, a template will be automatically saved, which you can send to your next customer—saving you a lot of time.

4. Helps speed up customer service's process—to ensure that you get ahold of all your customers concerns, cloud computing technology can help you keep an open line to receive inquiries and resolve issues fast. It also saves all the answered concerns that entered through your email or website, helping you build FAQs page that can be accessed by the customers who may encounter the same problem down the line.

5. Accessible on mobile— with the cloud based applications, you can work anytime, anywhere. It automatically syncs the updates you made from one device to another. You don’t have to wait to be back at your desk again to manage or receive updates about your tasks. This is very ideal, especially if you are someone on the go or if your team is working on different geographic locations.

Using cloud based CRM app as a platform for your business is a win-win solution. It will not only help you make your business process easier, but it will also hasten it. 8Force, a cloud based CRM app offers the abovementioned capabilities, and more! It has a 30-day trial period to know whether the technology fits your or not. If interested, you may contact Gerald Corteza through +63 905 5715932, email him via, or like 8ForcePH on Facebook.